About Polynox Solutions    


Polynox Solutions commenced operations to achieve one core objective:

To streamline and accelerate the transfer of exceptional equipment and services, from home-front developers to those that need it on the front lines, when they need it on the front lines.

Polynox Solutions proudly continues this work.


Polynox Solutions is a boutique Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) firm that specializes in developing tailored solutions to unique challenges. Drawing on assets across the entire collection spectrum from human intelligence through to measurement and signal platforms, Polynox Solutions works backwards from the mission objective and deliverables to provide the client with the perfect solution.


Polynox Solutions’ personnel are balanced professionals, all with a healthy mix of operational government ‘time in service’ and commercial experience. This diversified skill set provides the team with a wealth of commercial and government partners that enable efficient navigation of the government contracting network. This postures Polynox Solutions to both introduce cutting edge government technologies and services to the commercial market and provide commercial clients access to the government.


Polynox Solutions’ short, medium and long term objectives are equal…remain agile, remain effective. Considering the very complex and lethargic world that is government contracting, Polynox Solutions prides itself on its agility, utilizing speed and access to overcome the bureaucracy of industry. Staying true to its core objective, Polynox Solutions will always pursue agility over growth if it means getting equipment into the hands of those that need it, when they need it.


"We now live in an age where an individual at a keyboard can deliver air power effects through cyberspace, where the global commons and global commerce depend on our capabilities that are delivered from space, and where remotely-piloted aircraft are breaking new ground in an environment that was once dominated solely by individuals in cockpits.”

– Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force
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